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Abaya Russia Camel - Al Mouslimate

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€22,50 EUR
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€34,99 EUR
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€22,50 EUR
The Abaya Russia is inspired by Russian designs for an elegant look that is still covering. The Abaya is gathered from the underbust, creating a loose and flared fit, making it suitable for all sizes. The sleeves are extra wide and discreetly puffed. This color abaya does not contain a zipper at the bosom.

- XtraLarge, opaque & mastoura

Whool peach fabric:
A wonderfully soft and supple fabric.

T0: 1m32 from shoulder to foot = for sisters smaller than 1m58
T1: 1m37 from shoulder to foot = for sisters up to 1m64
T3: 1m47 from shoulder to foot = for sisters up to 1m75

Washing advice

We recommend washing all the clothes we offer at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Don't put it in the dryer either, unless your dryer has a special setting for it.